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Love Calculator - Love Test

Try Soul Mate Synergy's FREE Love Calculator to see how many 'Love-Hearts' your relationship rates and find out if you need your in-depth Synergy report to know your deeper, Karmic Ties, Magic Wands and your relationship's Destiny Synergy. (It's only a tiny taste of what you'll get in your full, in-depth Soul Mate Synergy report, but use the Love Calculator first to see if your love rates high enough to get the detailed analysis and advice about your relationship's love potential). **Hint: Try it first with your birth names to get the deeper soul ties and then also look at your 'current names' because they figure into your initial attraction and day to day compatibility...
True Love Calculator :: Instant Soul Mate Love Test! :: Free Numerology Reports by NumberQuest Numerology.

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Do you have a 'Y' in your name?
True Love Calculator
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*Do not use "Jr" or II etc.. in a name*
by NumberQuest™ Numerology

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please allow time for the report to process.

The letter 'Y' as a vowel or a consonant: Our script is very good at accurately determining whether the Y in a name is a vowel or a consonant, however, if you have a personal preference (based upon a different way you learned to do numerology), you can manually override NQ's interpretation of a 'y' as a vowel or consonant by placing a special character before it.

"_" before the letter forces it to be a consonant.

"^" before the letter forces it to be a vowel.

"Mar^y" (vowel), or "Son_ya" (consonant)



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